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I Chose Liberty: Autobiographies of Contemporary Libertarians

I Chose Liberty: Autobiographies of Contemporary Libertarians

Walter Block

Editura: Ludwig von Mises Institute

£15.95 GBP

Author: Block, Walter

Walter Block leaned on 82 of the world's most prominent libertarian thinkers and asked them to tell their life stories with an eye to intellectual development. The result is the most comprehensive collection of libertarian autobiographies ever published. Their stories are thrilling and fascinating. They reveal their main influences, their experiences, their choices, and their ambitions.

There are some very interesting lessons here for everyone. We learn what gives rise to serious thought about liberty and what causes a person to dedicate a professional career or vocation to the cause. We also discover some interesting empirical information about the most influential libertarian writers.

How people come to believe what they believe is a mysterious issue, but an important one to examine. The results have profound strategic implications for the future. If there is a theme that emerges here, it is that it is that the most powerful and effective message of liberty is the one that is both smart and truth telling, not the one that is evasive or consciously dumbed down. The two most influential libertarians that emerge from the contest here are Rothbard and Rand, and this is for a reason.

This volume bears close study by anyone who is considering strategic issues. So far as we know, it is the first book of its kind, one sure to play a larger role in the future crafting of the message and scholarship of human liberty.
Among those who contributed:

James C.W. Ahiakpor
D.T. Armentano
Charles W. Baird
Norman Barry
Toby Baxendale
James T. Bennett
Bruce L. Benson
David Bergland
Walter Block
Burton S. Blumert
Peter Boettke
Sam Bostaph
Hardy Bouillon
Bryan Caplan
Alejandro Chafuen
Brooks Colburn
Dan Cristian Comanescu
Roy Cordato
Jim Cox
Tyler Cowen
Dora de Ampuero
Karen De Coster
Thomas J. DiLorenzo
Michael Edelstein
Richard A. Epstein
Max Falque
Robert Formaini


Douglas E. French
Bettina Bien Greaves
James Gwartney
Roy Halliday
Ronald Hamowy
Ernest Hancock
John Hasnas
Randall G. Holcombe
John Hospers
Stephan Kinsella
Robert Klassen
Dan Klein
Peter Kurrild-Klitgaard
Robert Lawson
Leonard P. Liggio
Roderick T. Long
Alvin Lowi, Jr.
Heath MacCallum
Daniel McCarthy
Tibor R. Machan
Eric Mack
Jude Chua Soo Meng
Roberta Adelaide Modugno
Andrew P. Napolitano
Jan Narveson
David F. Nolan
Gary North
James Ostrowski


E.C. Pasour, Jr.
Ron Paul
Nando Pelusi
Lawrence W. Reed
George Reisman
Jeff Riggenbach
Llewellyn Rockwell, Jr.
Mary Ruwart
Joseph T. Salerno
James V. Schall
Ken Schoolland
Chris Matthew Sciabarra
Larry J. Sechrest
Jeremy Shearmur
Joseph Sobran
Robert Stewart
Alexander Tabarrok
Mark Thornton
Jerome Tuccille
Gordon Tullock
e Frank van Dun
Marc J. Victor
Peter Walters
Richard W. Wilcke
Anne Wortham
Steven Yates
Fernando Zanella


Publisher: Ludwig von Mises Institute

ISBN: 9781610160025

Pagination: 440 pages

Format: Hardback

Publication Year: 2010





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