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Corpus-Based Translation for Research, Practice and Training

Corpus-Based Translation for Research, Practice and Training

Arhire Mona

Editura: Institutului European

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This book - the first one dedicated to Corpus-based Translation Studies published in Romania - is conceived so as to foster the translation professionals' embracing the modern and promising approach to Translation Studies based on corpora. Being structured into chapters touching upon both descriptive and applied areas of Corpus-based Translation Studies, the book addresses theoreticians and practitioners in the field of translation alike. Emphasis is laid on corpus-based translator training with a view to shaping young generations of translators, but also of researchers, in the light of the methodology pertaining to corpus-based translation. The book can be used as a support in teaching translation at academic level, but also in related fields, such as Corpus Linguistics and Computational Linguistics. It is particularly designed to serve researchers in Translation Studies who are engaged in studying Romanian as pair language in translation. Thereby, interdisciplinary efforts in establishing a scholarly dialogue in the field are envisaged. .
From Table of Contents:
Translation Studies, Corpus Linguistics and Information Technology;
The interdisciplinary nature of Translation Studies;
Corpora for descriptive and applied Translation Studies;
Corpus design;
Translation universals after the advent of Corpus-based Translation Studies;
Research methodology for Corpus-based Translation Studies;
Electronic tools for translational corpus-based research and practice;
Corpora as resources in translating;
Corpus-based translator training.

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